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I found your old sweater about an hour ago; I can’t stop crying.

my eyes burn so bad and I think my throat is bleeding but I can’t stop screaming for you

I made my mom cry

I’m not going to school I can’t stand seeing your friends give me stupid pity looks anymore

I need to get drunk so bad but I won’t because I know of you were still here you would never let me drive home drunk but the roads are icy and I want to see you soon

I miss you so much but my lungs ache and I made myself sick and I can almost feel you rubbing my back and pressing your body to mine because I can’t sleep with out feeling your breathing patterns


I miss you so much

— come back because I’m breaking with out you (via acidyou)
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nicki minaj: *is an open feminist rights activist, is black/poc, curvy/not skinny, judges on american idol, has won 63 awards and has been nominated for awards 148 times, has been around for years releasing many hit songs and singles*

society: ewwww shes such a whore, shes so gross she cant even rap. shes no good. we all hate you you slut. stop singing.

iggy azalea: *slut shames all of the time even going to the extent of slut shaming sex workers, white, skinny, won 8 awards and has been nominated 39 times (with all the won awards being geared at the same two songs), two hit songs and singles, newly introduced to media, has been called out several times for being racist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, transmisogynistic, and more and refuses to apologize and blames others for "forcing harsh words on her"*

society: yes yes youre such an inspiration, we all love you, i love you, the radio loves you. youre so great

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  • Tall girls
  • short girls
  • average girls
  • skinny girls
  • fat girls
  • curvy girls
  • sweet girls
  • bitchy girls
  • white girls
  • black girls
  • Asian girls
  • Hispanic girls
  • first nations girls
  • islander girls
  • short haired girls
  • long haired girls
  • bald girls
  • funny girls
  • serious girls
  • fit girls
  • alt girls
  • normal girls

tl;dr I just love girls.

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